How To Use This EKG Web Site

This site presents 100 EKGs for you to examine and practice reading.  You should focus on: RATE, RHYTHM, AXIS, INTERVALS, COMPLEX MORPHOLOGY, ST SEGMENTS AND T WAVE MORPHOLOGY.  Each EKG will have a link labeled ANSWER at the bottom of the page leading to a new page with the same EKG plus the reading for that EKG.  You can also click on the link in the right side menu to move directly to any specific EKG.  If you wish to enlarge the EKG, click on the image for a larger, clearer version of the EKG.  If you click on the EKG again, it will enlarge even more to get an even better look at it.  Use the browser’s back arrow to get back to the web page from the EKG image.

The second aspect of the site that is newly created is the EKG abnormalities section.  Click on any of those links to learn about common EKG conduction abnormalities and arrhythmias.  From each page that you find in this section, you can then link back to EKG’s that demonstrate the pathology that you just read about.

We hope you find this web site helpful and encourage you to leave feedback should you have any.